Another year in its final pages of the calendar

Twelve months, but twelve times infinite moments

Like a roller coaster ride through a plethora of experience and emotions

Here’s another usual year, yet unusual, coming to an end.

Met new people, lost many in the journey

Some departed us, while the rest still cling on

Together with many, we

Laughed in the brightest of moments

Fought on the pettiest and weirdest of things

Cried on each other’s shoulders at the darkest of times

Now in the end, cherishing those vivid frames to bits.

Triumph, happiness, success

Testing times, hardships, failures

Smiles or tears, like sun and moon to earth

Whatever be it dear, life should go ahead right?

You will be dealing with failures

Hold on! Even tomorrow the sun gives a beautiful sunrise

You will be mourning the loss of your dear ones

Hold on! You haven’t lost everything you love

You will be unhappy or desperate

Hold on! Nothing comes easy and this too shall pass

You will be the happiest

May you be able to contain it the right way and spread your vibe

You will be the bravest

May you be able to spread your will power in abundance to the weak

You will be a resting shoulder to a few lost in despair

May the care and love you contain within, blossom infinitely

Whoever you are and will be,

You are always a shining star to many

Maybe this isn’t your day,

But that’s not too far away

You are never alone to fear a downfall,

For all you have to do is believe and keep trying

To all the beautiful souls I know who are reading this,

You are loved. You are valuable.

You are one in a million, full of zeal

Never give up on temporary mishaps

Keep going. You are almost there! 🙂

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