Pause, please
I don’t want to grow old leaving these
The more I want to seize,
The greater it feels
For the bits and pieces we are
Constitute with rather ease
To follow the art of not letting go of these
Pause, please
I don’t want to grow old leaving these.

The creatures we are, caught in this breeze
Of life and sacrifice appeased
Shout and utter that time flee
But can’t we hold today with us as it is?
For that thoughtful degree which might go on a spree
Of wider dimensions, looped like a reprise
But sadly the truth in these
We ain’t ready to dwell the moments and emphasize
Pause, please
I don’t want to grow old leaving these.

To savour each breath, how much does it take?
Rather than count the remaining ones and ache
To laugh a little more, widespread, clear and bright
And wipe away the bad vibes, right and white
Sway and swing with optimism, looking ahead
Rather than gasping with fear, confidence bled
Closing eyes to seek euphoric dreams
And channelling the spirit within to make them gleam.

Maybe we homosapiens should
Revere the grace and pace of progression
Of all entities affixed within this universe
Preferably, than looping yourself in vicious acts of greed
For the things adhered to happen or not
With time and again, will befall on spot
Pause, breathe and revive the holiness abiding deep
And then grow sky – high, without letting go of these.

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