Long-time, it has been
Had them all bad and broken
Mishaps, helplessness, everything
Bottling up the choices that were,
Callously and unknowingly walked upon
Behind now lie footprints, wetted by tears.

Clouded by regrets and thunder of blames
Storming accusations, delusional visions
Automatically filling hatred and revenge,
For self and to encompassing, in those very
Naive hollowness and fragile subsistence
Composing yourself, the way you self claim.

Hard it is, all apperceive,
To ventilate out the fury and
Shed the leaves of past thwarts
To wipe away the remnants
And eradicate the flashbacks
From the path, you shouldn’t have explored.

Long-time, hasn’t it been, to keep Revoking back traces than just letting it go away?
To keep fuelling your inner rage,
Paving narrow aisles in your mind
Rather than threshing out the unhealthy weeds
Growing deep-seated within you?

Buried down reaching within you, is a treasure
Idolized and estimated out-of-bounds
Than that shimmering shard of metal
Whose trajectory routes
To godliness and versatility of life
Like forgiveness, it is called.

Cast this spell to whoever put you down,
Or walked away free while you suffered
For now, you have metamorphosed
The same path, equaling exposure
All well lit and radiant
By the same flame, that tried burning you.

A gallant and graceful herald, it is
Recovering yourself from lost dimensions
And so is redirecting self to new thresholds,
Seeking the allurement of the feat of forgiving
For a heart that can forgive, will outlive all quests

For obliging spaces for humanity.

Forgive others, for whoever they were
No matter how profound the pain was
Wounds aren’t permanently piquing
Until you try to let it all go and never look back
For the seasons and moons, charismatic they are
Reconciling with the pace of healing and growth.

Forgive yourself, for the judgmental insights
You poured on self, for things that were out of control
As only by opening the doors of self-pardon
Can one fight their fierce demons,
Pushing away from the crude darkness
Finally to witness the angels greet jovially.

Forgiveness is never easy, as said
But it embodies qualities
Subtle from the outside, but
Grounded in the inside
Trying to make humans worthy of its creation
Just the way mighty supreme forgives.

Long-time it has been
But things now seem far and way behind
For the bad and broken back then, now beautifully embrace
The mastery of prospecting and resolving the reality
For the bird who melancholy sang, is now merrily chirping
About the reviving footprints, yet to be spawned.

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