Endless efforts not notched by the strings of time,

Silent sacrifices not ascertained by countable senses and multitudinous mercies,

Superlative sublimed manoeuvres of love and affection, elucidated from just the peripheries maybe

That’s a woman, still endowing magic with whatever she does.

Yes indeed, the women from history, for magnificent is what to say

Creating their unique footprints harmonized in the scriptures of the past,

For getting a day in the calendar and a place in the historic of moments,

A day decorated with appreciation and flamboyancy, to celebrate womanhood.

And today’s world that we cohabite,

Perceiving the flash and flaunt, of the gimmickier ways

Of portraying that badge of respect and acceptance,

Limited for a time frame spanning just a day?  

Are we flooding away from being the real us,

Trapped in a rat race of being the most extraordinary?

Are we getting too obsessed, trying to garner ourselves as the most unique?

Are we xeroxing all the acts of our male counterparts, just to prove pseudo equality?

Do holding hands and creating walls in the name of women empowerment change anything?

Do wearing purple and other vibrant colours on days like today change anything?

Do the any of the newly created hash tags for gender equality change anything?

 Rather than building such temporary ideologies, shouldn’t we create ripples of introspection?

As rightly put together in this unknown quote

Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do,

Women were created to do everything a man can’t do,

For a lioness never tries to become a lion.

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